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Note:  Remember when searching, "less is more."  Do not include "Street," "Avenue," etc.

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Reassessment Project Announcements - Preliminary 2020 Assessments Are Now Available

Tyler Technologies' preliminary reassessment values for 2020 are now available.  

Search using the [Search Property Information] button above.  

Type in your information into one of the fields.  When searching by address, remember, “less is more,” so don’t type Avenue, Street, etc.  It is best to type an abbreviated address.  For example, if you want to search for the Town Hall address, 220-220 Grace Church Street, merely type “220-222 Grace”.  For this example, if you would like to do a street search, type “Grace” in the street address box.

Please note that a full printout of the 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll will not be available until on or about June 1, 2020, after the preliminary assessments are finalized.  The 2019 Final Assessment Roll will remain on this website until the 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll is published.

To see both the 2019 Final and the 2020 Preliminary Assessments at the same time, you can also search your property at:

If you are having any trouble finding what you need, please feel free to call the Assessment Office at 914-939-3566 to obtain an assessed value or for assistance.

Tyler Technologies' Informal Reviews of the Preliminary 2020 Assessments

    Property owners who feel their preliminary 2020 assessment does not accurately reflect the market value of their property as of July 1, 2019, may contact (or have their representative contact) Tyler Technologies to schedule an informal review meeting by calling 914-881-4533 Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM before March 18, 2020 or by logging on to to schedule an appointment.

For more information regarding please click here for the Informal Review Guidelines.

2020 Town Wide Reassessment Project

Please check back to this page as well as the Town's website (Click Here) regularly for the most current information regarding this reassessment project.

The Town of Rye is committed to providing fair and equitable assessments in each annual assessment roll so that property owners pay only their fair share of property taxes. The last town-wide assessment revaluation took place in 2011. The Town Board approved the request to perform a town-wide reassessment/revaluation for the 2020 assessment roll for the 2021 taxes. The Town has contracted with Tyler Technologies (Contractor) to perform this reassessment project.

Accurate property inventory/information is vital to an equitable assessment. Commencing in 2019 and continuing today, the Contractor has been reviewing and collecting information on your property. As the Contractor updates your property data, it will become available through this web portal for you to review.  You will first be sent a data mailer by the Contractor that will list the details of your property.  You will have the opportunity to mark up the hard copy and return it by regular mail, or even better, you can access your property here and make these changes online (see Inventory Change Request button).    We ask that you confirm the information on your property and make any changes in the areas provided. This updated information will enable us to compare and review the market values of all of the properties in our community and then based on the current real estate market, determine fair and equitable assessments.  Some change requests may require an inspection of your property.

In the future, we encourage you to use this Inventory Change Request tool regularly to verify your data and inform the Contractor of any discrepancies you might find.

If you have any reassessment project questions, please contact Tyler Technologies:

Onsite Phone:  914-881-4533


If you have any assessment/exemption related questions, please contact: 


Phone:  914-939-3566

Assessment Department - Property Data Questionnaire & Inventory Change Request

Property Data Questionnaire:

If you recently purchased your property and received a Property Data Questionnaire (click here for sample) from the Assessment Department, we would prefer that you take the time to review this data on this web portal and make any changes using the Inventory Change Request button (click here for instructions) Please take a look at your photo and make sure it is the correct photo of your property.  If it is not, please let us know in the comments section before you hit submit. 

IMPORTANT:  Please review your property data and even if there are no changes, please indicate that in the Add Comments section.

Inventory Change Request Button (INSTRUCTIONS):

At any point in time if you are reviewing the details of your property you find a discrepancy, please us the Inventory Change Request button to advise us as to what may need to be changed.  Some change requests may require an inspection of your property.

Thank you for assisting us in obtaining accurate assessment data.

Real Property Information Disclaimer

The information contained herein is furnished as a public service by the Town of Rye. The Town of Rye does not warrant, express or implied, the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of this information.

The user of the information assumes all risk of reliance thereon, and further, assumes all responsibility for his or her use, or misuse, of the information.

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